Five Reasons to Floss Every Day

Five Reasons to Floss Every Day

by Holly (SU)

Do you floss every day?” is sure to be one question your dentist or hygienist will ask at every appointment.  That’s because flossing is an essential element of your oral care routine, and it’s important if you want to have a healthy set of teeth.  Here are five reasons why you should floss every day.

Plaque Builds Up Everywhere!

Plaque is a sticky substance that builds on your teeth. Because it’s loaded with millions of bacteria that cause serious issues like tooth decay, it’s essential to remove plaque from your teeth. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth isn’t enough. Plaque builds up all over your teeth. This includes in between teeth and along the gum line. Your toothbrush simply cannot reach between your teeth to get to the most stubborn plaque. This is where flossing saves the day! Floss reaches the hard-to-reach places between your teeth to remove plaque. To remove plaque properly, learn to floss properly and then make it a daily habit! 

“Does my breath smell bad?”

Bad breath is embarrassing and hard to detect on your own. A good dental care routine prevents bad breath from developing. One reason for bad breath is scraps of food that remains in your mouth, causing bacteria to develop which causes bad breath. Flossing can help by removing unwanted pieces of food from between your teeth. This, in turn, prevents extra bacteria from developing and keeps your breath fresh. Consider a strong antiseptic mouthwash after brushing, and don’t forget to brush the tongue!

Two Cavities are Worse Than One

No one likes to get a cavity. And why would they? Cavities are one of the worst things that can happen to your teeth. A decaying tooth looks bad, may require time-consuming and expensive repair, and will never be the same. When cavities happen between the teeth, the damage is likely to spread to the neighboring tooth as well. The cavity-causing acid plaque trapped between the teeth affects both of the teeth it’s stuck between. This means your chances of developing cavities double when it’s caused by plaque in between teeth. 

Preventing Gum Disease

Your teeth are not the only thing protected by floss – so are your gums! Another reason to floss every day is to prevent gum disease. Do your gums bleed easily after brushing or flossing? That is a sure sign that your gums are in trouble.  Over time, a weakened or diseased gum can lead to tooth loss. One of the easiest ways of preventing gum disease is to floss. By flossing every day, you can prevent plaque from building up between the teeth and traveling to the gums. And remember, the more you floss the stronger your gums will be, so don’t be discouraged if your gums feel sore or bleed slightly after getting back into the flossing habit. Like any other part of your body, your gums will take time to get back into tip-top shape.

It’s Quick!

Brushing your teeth takes only a few minutes, but you never think about skipping it, do you? Well, flossing can take even less time than that! It only takes a couple of minutes to floss between every tooth. Once you add it to your dental routine and get used to the process, it will take only a minute or two more to do. The benefit of flossing is definitely worth the extra time!

Bonus Tip! Be sure to keep floss in your desk drawer at work or in your purse. That way you can remove stubborn scraps of food right after the meal, not wait until you get back home.

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