Do you have a cracked tooth?

Do you have a cracked tooth?

by Shearly (SU)

There are certain foods that we would rather not have to give up. Giving up ice cream for dessert lovers can be difficult while you are coping with tooth pain from a cavity. What if, however, your tooth pain was related to a crack in your tooth? Giving up your favorite foods might then become a reality until diagnosis and you are able to see a dentist for repair and restoration.


Sometimes, it can be pretty obvious that you have cracked your tooth. A sudden crunch and subsequent pain might follow biting into a cherry seed, for example. Sometimes, it can be harder to tell that a tooth has become cracked. Nuts or chips might be some of our favorite snacks, but they are also useful to help you discover an issue within your tooth. Since cracks in teeth are typically difficult to discover and diagnose, pain associated with eating and chewing certain foods may be a telltale since of a crack and a larger problem.


How would cracks develop? Many people develop cracks in their teeth as a direct result of tooth grinding, or bruxism. You could even be grinding your teeth in your sleep, completely unaware of the damage being done. Cracks can also develop from age or from past fillings that have since damaged the integrity of your tooth.


Cracks in teeth are difficult to see, making it tough for your dentist to find them before they become a major problem. If you suspect you might have a crack in your tooth, though, speak to your dentist and get imaging done. Early detection before it worsens – or extends into the root – could make a huge difference in how your dentist will choose to handle the issue and solution.


Depending on where the crack manifests in the tooth, your dentist or endodontist would decide whether you were a better candidate for a root canal or for full tooth extraction. If the crack were to extend down to the root, it might not be able to be salvaged, as it is essentially now in two pieces. If the crack is minor, your dentist might choose to file through the damaged area and place a crown over the affected tooth.


If you suspect your tooth or teeth need immediate attention from a possible cracked or chipped tooth, please call us today. The longer a tooth stays cracked, the higher the odds of both pain and infection causing further complications. Our office in Minneapolis-St. Paul can help you with all your dental needs and Dr. Steven Hagerman is here to assess your dental health. Call us for an appointment today at (651) 646-2392.